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Life Fantastic - CHRISTMAS LECTURES 2013 preview

Important: this event has passed!

Life is the greatest show on Earth from the lowliest worm to the mightiest mammal. Yet from the moment of conception, to the formation of limbs, to the development of brains there’s something that all living things depend on: cells. Cells grow, multiply, change, move, communicate and ultimately die. They are the very essence of life, but how do they work together to form it? Gradually we are beginning to unravel their secrets. Life is fantastic and full of questions, but as we reveal the answers more questions emerge.

Experience the magic of the CHRISTMAS LECTURES® in this exclusive preview event. Join Alison Woollard as she tries out spectacular demonstrations and experiments for the first time.

Suitable for those 7 and above.

Tickets: £12 standard, £8 concessions and £6 Associates. Members/Faraday go free. For more information and to book visit www.rigb.org.

Tuesday 26th November 13, The Royal Institution of Great Britain

The Royal Institution of Great Britain

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Biology, Children, Family, Science

Alison Woollard

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